Traveling Tips During a Pandemic

Who else misses the days when you plan a vacation and you get to take it with no delays and no extra precautions? We sure do! Unfortunately, we’re living in unprecedented times so our getaways are a little different, if we get to take them at all. So how do you protect yourself on a Destin, Florida vacation during Covid-19? We’ve got some tips.

The social distancing guidelines require you to follow the 6 feet apart rule as well as groups of less that 10 people. Since the current virus is airborne and very contagious, they’ve provided these guidelines to help flatten the curve when it’s essential for many to be out. When you’re traveling, try to avoid crowded areas. Big rest stops are high traffic areas. You can pack snacks to travel with to reduce stopping and consider driving rather than flying so as to avoid a busy airport. 

Wash hands often. This is something that should be done even when there isn’t a pandemic and should go without saying. Wearing gloves has become common but it is easy to cross-contaminate. Touching items in a grocery store, then your face, then your wallet or phone is spreading germs just the same. Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and then dry. Hand sanitizer can also be effective as long as it contains 60% alcohol. 

Rather than stay in a hotel, spring for a private vacation home. You can avoid the heavy hotel traffic and stress of how clean the room is and stay in a beautiful vacation rental on 30A. Keep the family together by choosing a spacious home with extra bedrooms. Property management companies are going above and beyond to accommodate guests and keep everything properly disinfected. Sunny beaches and salt air are sure to reduce the stress of the current pandemic. 

We can’t be sure what the future holds and the news changes by the hour. What we do know is there are many people doing everything they can to ensure safety. We can do our own part to follow guidelines, minimize our own stress, and take each day as it comes. We look forward to everyone being able to enjoy the beaches and traveling like we used to. Hope to see you soon on the Emerald Coast!

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