Today’s Workout column: An exercise to strengthen your core

By Marlo AllevaMore Content NowA strong core is an absolute necessity for every body. If the core of your body is strong, the rest of the body doesn’t have to work as hard to accomplish daily tasks. Even better, a stable midsection takes a huge load off the back, which is prone to injury, aches… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Standing hamstring curl is lower body workout

We are finally starting to think about going back to school! And whether that happens sooner or later, we still have plenty of time to squeeze in a few last-minute summer getaways! And most summer fun includes a bathing suit of some sort, so we cannot take a summer break on our lower body workouts.Our… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Deep lunge with overhead tricep extensions

We are in the heart of the summer, and to say it’s been warm lately is an understatement. Tank tops, shorts and sundresses are definitely the go-to attire when temps are nearing three digits! That means total body exercises are a must for this season.We can get more work done in a shorter time, leaving… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Plank rotation focuses on core strength

Oh summer. How we love thee. With long sunny days, barbecues, beach and pool outings, and just a little R&R, how could this not be a favorite season to many?With all of the fun activities that summer brings, it could possibly cut into our fitness regimen. So, that is when we throw in a quick,… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Improvise to work out hips, glutes, thighs

When the words normal, regular or routine simply don’t quite fit the narrative for a season or two – or three – we continue to improvise and apply creativity. Our move today is a high side leg pulse. This exercise will be working your hips, glutes and thighs. It will also help in toning the… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Situp punch works core and arms

Do you ever find yourself looking for an extra punch in your workouts? Something that will take a “go-to” move to the next level.There are many things that you can layer on to almost every exercise to intensify it or just get a little extra out of it.Our move today is a situp with punches;… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Triceps dip works on core, too

Summer is finally here, although it does seem like we are nearly four months into the season with kids being out of school and many work schedules in upheaval. Once again, your fitness schedule seems to get slightly interrupted, but we’re getting better at improvising. Our move today is a triceps dip with a lifted… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Weighted bar toe crunch works core

The gyms are opening back up, and our fitness is becoming less restrictive. Things may not be exactly what we are used to from a few months ago but, day by day, our choices are multiplying.Between limited hours, and limited use of equipment, creativity still plays a huge role.Our move today is a weighted bar… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Angled crunches target abs

Summertime is surely upon us! Between 95-degree days and thunderstorms, it’s beach time and pool parties! I’m sure abs are at the top of all our fitness plans, which makes this week’s exercise a good addition.Today’s move is an angled crunch.It will be working your whole midsection, from upper to lower, and transverse abdominals. All… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Exercise focuses on back muscles, biceps, triceps

When and where will you get your next workout in?That is a popular question among many of us: the gym? The local park? Your living room?Wherever you end up it’s in your best interest to have simple and versatile moves on your to-do list.Today’s move is a seated row with a resistance band. This exercise… … Read More