Coronavirus made working from home the new normal. So the FCC is giving us a new Wi-Fi lane

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – About a month ago, the internet started to list.Up to that point, online activity flowed more or less in balance, with work traffic relegated mostly to the business side of the ship. Then social-distancing directives forced much of the serious stuff over to the starboard side. Which is where we watch Netflix.As… … Read More


Five ways to thrive while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic

With more than 100 million Americans told to stay at home – nearly one-third of the country’s population – it has inexorably changed the way many of us work, play, learn and socialize.At the very least, technology has proved to be an extraordinary tool to help us adjust to this new normal.Especially for those mandated to work from… … Read More


Working or learning from home: Telecoms give boost in bandwidth to keep us online

As Americans hunker down at home while schools and offices shutter in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, many of them will lack something besides human companionship: sufficient bandwidth for full-time telework or remote learning. In some cases, the problem is a […] … Read More