WONDERFUL THINGS: Heaven is for real – really

Death seems a little closer during this time of Covid-19. And with the thought of death follows the question of heaven. Everyone wants to know what comes after this life on earth (or if this life is all there is).This probably helps explain the booming popularity over the last decade of a genre of books… … Read More


WONDERFUL THINGS: The incomparable Jesus

There is simply no one like Jesus. Maybe you know this already. I hope you do. After more than 40 years of reading about Jesus, studying his person, listening to his words in the Scriptures, and hanging out with other Jesus-admirers, I am still astounded — still in awe. I believe that I will be… … Read More


WONDERFUL THINGS: Easter’s pandemic proclamation, ‘He is Risen!’

At this time when many stores and shops are shuttered and still, when many churches are empty and silent, when choirs will not gather and sing, the proclamation of Easter yet rings forth — “He is Risen!” Perhaps, this Easter, it sounds forth even more loudly in the surrounding stillness, “He is Risen!”In this time… … Read More