Eat like a local: Visit markets, merchants to really get a taste of a place

“Quien corta el jamon en tu casa?” asked the butcher, his breath smelling of wine. “Who cuts the ham in your house?”“Yo,” I said, raising my hand. “Venga, entonces” he beckoned. “Come here, then.”I walked behind the counter of Santiago’s meat store in Lanjaron, Spain, and Santiago handed me the knife. I began slicing thin… … Read More


Visit a piece of London in Arizona

As children we sang the well-known song “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Of course, the bridge did not fall down, but in 1962 the 131-year-old bridge was sinking into the Thames River as it was not able to handle the increase in traffic of the modern day.The bridge was torn down and moved, not to… … Read More