Today’s Workout column: Cardio move also helps tone lower body

Jumping back into a hint of normalcy can be exhausting, especially when your average daily pace was drastically slowed down for a while.Sometimes you just need a quick boost to get your blood pumping, heart beating and energy to start the day.Today’s move is called up and downs. All you need for this exercise is… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Front lunge with biceps curl

Wow! Many of us can actually say we are busy again! That phrase seemed like a thing of the past. So being creative and squeezing in a full workout in the small amount of free time that you now have is imperative.Our move today is a combination exercise – a front lunge with biceps curl.… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Deep squat works lower body

This has definitely been an unforgettable spring season in countless ways, including fitness.The word creative has definitely become a coined phrase, especially with our at-home workouts.Many times, we are limited with equipment such as weights and barbells that we’d usually use in the gym. And bodyweight alone just isn’t enough.That’s where our creativity comes to… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Wood chop focuses on midsection

Our creative and inventive at home workouts have grown from temporary to the new normal!And that’s OK.Let’s talk midsection. The weather is great and more of us are getting outside these days. And, after satisfying our boredom with the stay at home snacks, a core workout should be our go-to fitness.Our move today is a… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Weighted lunge works lower half of body

We have our highs and lows. One day our focus is on all the home improvements that we haven’t had time for before and, let me say, that is a workout!Then there are the days that you just can’t break away from that new Netflix season. Obviously two different extremes. But we can definitely find… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Elevated push-up targets several areas

And the days of homebound fitness continue.We all should be very creative at this point, whether it is using household items for equipment or countertops and porch steps for tweaking certain moves.Today’s move is perfect for at-home fitness: an elevated push-up. This move will be targeting your chest and toning your arms, shoulders and upper… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Get creative for homebound fitness equipment

The growing trend is “homebound fitness.”Most everything can be executed and duplicated at home with a little effort and creativity.Quite a few of us have a small amount of fitness equipment at home. It may be light hand weights, yoga balls, even resistance bands.And then the rest of us have water bottles, milk jugs, and… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Power walking has several benefits

With our schedules cleared even more, it is time to get back to basics, kind of like a New Year’s resolution. And the basics of fitness are some of the best ways to pass the time.Our move today is power walking. Walking is great for the entire body, and adding a little “power” to this… … Read More

Today’s Workout column: Hover with toe taps focuses on core

Most of us are still getting used to a more “homebound” schedule, possibly for the unforeseeable future. That being said, two things can happen: either our lazy side shows or our creativity starts to blossom.Hopefully, when it comes to our physical health the latter of the two prevails.Most all exercises can have an add-on to… … Read More


Today’s Workout column: Slow bicycle crunch works whole core

Whether we want to or not we are all spending a lot more time at home. Although gym schedules have been temporarily interrupted, our fitness schedule can still be a priority.There are many exercises that can be modified and performed at home and some of the easiest are abdominal exercises.Our move today is a slow… … Read More