Nest sweet nest: Egg-in-a-nest sums up our quarantine feelings

Perhaps it’s because I empathize with the egg, caged like a bird in its own home. Or maybe it’s because I am feeling broody, like a hen with nothing to incubate, and so the image of the egg sitting so perfectly in its nest brings comfort. Or maybe it’s that my chickens started laying again,… … Read More


Bitter & sweet: Learn how to pick the ripest grapefruit by feel, taste

Texas grapefruit are in season and on sale at my local bodega. The ruby-fleshed, bittersweet orbs looked shrunken and beat up, which is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it may mean they are ripe.My dad made sure his son knew how to choose a grapefruit, and he would have been excited by… … Read More


A sweet way to make our troops smile

Sarah K’s Gourmet, 34940 Hwy. 98 in Destin, will be collecting left over Halloween candy Nov. 1 through Nov. 8 for our troops stationed overseas. Children are encouraged to pen the soldiers a note and include a picture of him or herself dressed up for Halloween.“Our community is closely tied to the military and this is… … Read More