Suzette Martinez Standring: Freak paralysis leads to strange discovery

This is how I know God is my pal. In November I had a freak paralysis of my right leg that lasted five hours, documented by doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Milton, Massachusetts. Then my mobility returned to normal. Four medical experts looked at MRI’s, scans, blood tests and sonograms; but it was… … Read More


Suzette Martinez Standring: Love your pet, love your lifesaver

National Love your Pet Day is Feb. 20. Whenever I hear the rant-filled bullying of our public discourse, it’s a wonder my dog Ginger does not yet wear a bright red vest emblazoned “THERAPY DOG.” During the vicious storms of division, where’s MY thunder coat? Ginger is my teacup in the tempest.That dog makes me… … Read More