Ramsey column: Might be money well spent … at the proper time

Dear Dave,My wife and I are on Baby Step 2 of your plan. About eight months ago, she gave birth to our second child, and now she would like to have a mommy makeover. I want her to be comfortable and feel good about herself, but those procedures can be really expensive. I don’t know… … Read More


Ramsey column: People need to hear success stories

Dear Dave,So many companies and entrepreneurs are hurting right now. With everything that’s going on in the world, I find myself ashamed to celebrate business successes. In the past, I’ve always shared highlights with our customers to show them how amazing they are and how much their support means. How can I navigate this time… … Read More


Ramsey column: Examining the debt snowball

Dear Dave,What exactly is the debt snowball, and why is it such an important part of your plan?Lee Dear Lee,The debt snowball is Baby Step 2 of my plan for getting out of debt and gaining control of your finances. Specifically, it’s the part of the plan where you sit down with your budget and look… … Read More


Ramsey column: This kid’s a planner!

  Dear Dave,What would be your advice for someone who is renting an apartment but has never rented before? I’m 16, and I’m trying to create a plan for when I get out on my own in a couple of years. I’ve never had any debt, and don’t have a credit score. Is it going to… … Read More


Ramsey column: Evaluating insurance needs

Dear Dave,Last year I got a divorce. I’m 32, a teacher and a single mom. I’m on Baby Step 2 right now, and I was wondering about life insurance. My son is only 2, and if something happened to me, he would go to his father. His dad is in good shape financially and responsible… … Read More


Ramsey column: Don’t teachable moments slip away

Dear Dave,My wife and I are trying very hard to save money and pay off debt, but we’re not making progress as quickly as I had hoped. What do you think of the idea of putting a hold on our son’s allowance for the jobs he does around the house until we get into a… … Read More


Ramsey column: Saving for college

Dear Dave,What percentage of our income should we save for our kids’ education? We know you recommend setting aside 15% for retirement, but do you have a similar rule that applies to paying for college?Andrew Dear Andrew,I don’t really have a rule, or percentage, for how much you should save toward a college fund. If you’re… … Read More


Ramsey column: Many benefits to budgeting

Dear Dave,Some friends recently introduced me to your ideas for handling money. I’ve got to admit, a lot of it makes sense, but I’m not sure why you’re so adamant about budgeting. Can’t you get a good idea of your finances by checking your accounts and balances online regularly?Parker Dear Parker,This is a great […] … Read More


Ramsey column: Is it a good idea to combine finances before marriage?

Dear Dave,Is it okay to combine finances with someone and start working on a budget before you marry them? I just got engaged, and we’ve been talking about the idea of getting a head start on our finances together.Autumn Dear Autumn,First, congratulations! I hope you two will have long and happy lives together. Now comes the… … Read More


Ramsey column: Teachable moments are valuable at any age

Dear Dave,A good friend of mine passed away recently. In his will, he left me a couple of items and some money, and I’d like to share the money with my son. He is 25, and a good kid, but he is still impulsive with his finances. Do you have any advice for handling this… … Read More