Power outage: How to protect electronic appliances

Power outages are a fact of life in summer, when high demand overtaxes the grid or seasonal storms damage equipment. Unfortunately, power outages and electronic appliances do not play well together. A temporary electrical shutdown – or more accurately, the power surge which often occurs as […] … Read More


Power cleaning: A simple guide to wash your siding

After a long hard winter, clean siding is a quick and affordable way to brighten up your house exterior. Just make sure that you choose an appropriate cleaning method that won’t harm your siding, yet will get rid of dirt and stains.Follow these tips to clean siding successfully and keep it looking good longer.To pressure wash or not to pressure… … Read More


Power of nature: Arches National Park offers endless beauty

With towering red rock formations, natural stone arches and 77,000 acres of land to explore, Arches National Park in Utah lives up to its name. The park is minutes from the city of Moab. Deciding what to see can be somewhat overwhelming as the crescent-shaped rocks seem to be everywhere. So far, there are 2,000… … Read More


The power of love: How a happy relationship can help your health

Eighties rocker Huey Lewis was right: The power of love is a curious thing, and it might just save your life. Or at least make it longer and healthier. … Read More