Where Tex meets Mex: New Mexico town is where restaurants get their spice

Anthony, New Mexico, is a mere crow’s flight from El Paso, Texas, my point of origin. Anthony is where my group from the Society of American Travel Writers stopped to enjoy a meaty and chili-spice-centric luncheon on a ranch known for its pecan orchard. Our adventure was billed as Borderland Eats, with a first stop… … Read More


Stay Tuned: Real life meets true crime on ‘The Most Dangerous Animal of All’

A cable-streaming hybrid debuts, a new look at the Zodiac killer and more.Dispatches: Weekly TV newsAmerica Ferrera will be leaving NBC’s “Superstore” following the show’s current season, which ends on April 16. Ferrera plays Amy and also serves as executive producer. “The last five years on ‘Superstore’ have been some of the most rewarding, enriching… … Read More