The Mom Stop column: Masks must be part of plan for reopening schools

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****Like millions of other parents across the country, we are faced with an impossible choice right now – whether or not to send our children to school this fall in the face of a pandemic that does not seem to be slowing any time soon.It is supposed to be a… … Read More


Sew Love FWB makes over 4,500 masks

Sew Love FWB began as a ministry of First Baptist Church of Fort Walton Beach to provide clothing for children in countries with needs for clothing and the love of God. Quickly it grew to include people from other churches and the community at large.When the pandemic struck, they quickly converted from sewing dresses and… … Read More


Masks spark public judgment, ridicule among customers as businesses reopen

Patricia Dawe, 66, rarely wears a mask in public, and people give her the “stink eye” for it, she said. She’ll wear one in order to get past security guards at a grocery store in Brooklyn. But once she is inside the supermarket, she takes it off. Most customers rush to other aisles when they see her coming,… … Read More