Podcasts to Listen To: Hockey Central and the best NHL podcasts to listen to

After hitting the pause button on the 2019-20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHL will restart the season on Aug. 1. The 24 participating teams will play in Toronto and Edmonton for the Stanley Cup Qualifier round. The Qualifier round will feature seeds No. 5 vs. No. 12, No. 7 vs. No. 10… … Read More


Podcasts to Listen To: The Michelle Obama Podcast and the best celeb podcasts to listen to

From comedians to sports stars to comedians to A-listers, celebrities have embraced podcasting to not only connect with their fans, but also to express their opinions on what is going on in the world. Here are a few celebrity podcasts to listen to.The Michelle Obama PodcastFormer First Lady Michelle Obama is the newest celebrity to… … Read More


Podcasts to Listen To: The Ringer NBA Show and the best NBA podcasts to listen to

On hiatus since March 11, the National Basketball Association is set to resume its 2019-20 season July 30 with 22 teams participating. The 22 teams invited to “the bubble” at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida will begin playing seeding games followed by the playoffs, which will begin on Aug. 17. Here are a few… … Read More


Podcasts to Listen To: About the Cards and the best sports card podcasts to listen to

People of a certain age remember when buying, selling or trading sports cards was as much a national pastime as the actual professional sports being played. From getting your hands on a really old card to finding a rare misprint to unwrapping a pack and finding a glossy rookie card of the games’ biggest stars,… … Read More


Podcasts to Listen To: This Podcast Will Kill You and the best medical podcasts to listen to

As the coronavirus pandemic makes a resurgence throughout the U.S., having the latest information on medicine and health is important. From the history of diseases to cutting-edge science to the best practices during the pandemic, here are a few medical podcasts to listen to.This Podcast Will Kill YouEcologists and epidemiologists Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann… … Read More


Podcasts to Listen To: Future Thinkers and the best futurist podcasts to listen to

Nobody can predict what will happen in the future, but there are a few who are trying to help make sense of what is coming. Known as futurists, these “future” experts study the future and make predictions based on current trends. Here are a few futurist podcasts to help you make sense of where we… … Read More


Podcasts to Listen To: The Adam Buxton Podcast and the best interview podcasts to listen to

Because they have no time restrictions, podcasts allow for some of the most entertaining and in-depth conversations between some of the greatest minds. Long-form interviews can cover any topic and give listeners more detail and information then they would find anywhere else. Here are a few long-form interview podcasts to listen to.The Adam Buxton PodcastHalf… … Read More


Podcasts to Listen To: But Why and the best kids podcasts to listen to

The summer is a great time to get kids interested in podcasts. Not only can they fill up at least some of their free time, they can also learn something new or expand their imaginations. Here are a few podcasts for kids that are good for entertainment, information, bedtime and road trips.But WhyKids might ask… … Read More


Podcasts to Listen To: Unruffled and the best parenting podcasts to listen to

Being a parent is hard. Being a parent in 2020 can feel impossible. From dealing with a pandemic, home schooling and keeping them safe amid the uneasiness across the world, other parents can be a great resource to learn tips on how to deal with your children. Here are a few of the best parenting… … Read More


Podcasts to Listen To: Hysteria 51 and the best UFO and alien podcasts to listen to

On April 28, the Pentagon gave believers in other-worldly phenomena some tantalizingly real pieces of evidence with the release of three short videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena” – or UFOs. The Pentagon’s confirmation of the footage has stirred the interest in aliens and out-of-this world phenomena once again. Here are a few podcasts about aliens… … Read More