Town of history: Founders, patriots and stars have all made their way to New Castle

New Castle, Delaware — this historic town along the Delaware River was once a hub of colonial activity as blacksmiths, carpenters and coopers went about the business of daily life.The colonists are long gone, but the 500 remaining historic structures are a reminder of a time when gentlemen squires dressed in breeches and tricorn hats… … Read More


Pick through history at ‘American Pickers’ store

This Iowa city of fewer than 4,000 residents is home to one of TV’s most popular shows and offers visitors a slate of things to do. LeClaire sits along the Mississippi River and is home to Antique Archaeology, the shop of “American Pickers” on the History Channel. It is a place where visitors can pick… … Read More


Black History Month: Sealing history in wax

Traveling exhibit of wax sculptures kicks off Black History Month. … Read More


Roses with a history: David Austin English Roses can add distinctive looks and fragrances to your garden

If you love roses and are an anglophile, David Austin’s English roses named for characters, places and various themes from English history are the perfect roses for your garden. For Spring 2020, gardeners have three delightful David Austin English Roses to grow, all soft-hued with distinctive looks and fragrances. Named for English novelist, Emily Bronte,… … Read More