Craving connection: Why stay in touch while keeping distant?

If you’ve been keeping a healthy distance from other people because of COVID-19, you probably feel smart. But if you’re also feeling lonely and stressed, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. It could simply mean you’re human.The need to be around people is hard-wired into our brains, researchers say. We crave company in the same… … Read More


Americans are ‘craving comfort food’ during coronavirus: Cereal, snacks, baked goods fly off shelves

Let’s just call this a judgment-free zone until further notice.Americans are indulging in comfort food as the coronavirus pandemic keeps them cooped up, eating sugary cereal, junk food, frozen pizza and other maybe-not-so-healthy items to help get them through the pandemic.The trend represents a stark reversal from the national gravitation toward more natural foods in… … Read More