The Mom Stop column: COVID-19 testing is vital as cases climb

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****It was after a three-hour-long wait in the parking lot of a local urgent care clinic that I received the call that it was my turn to be tested for COVID-19. I pulled my minivan into the appropriate drive-through and rolled down my window. The nurse then instructed me to… … Read More


COVID-19 prompts cancellations, suspensions, rescheduling of Northwest Florida events

Concerns over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have prompted the cancellation, suspension or rescheduling of a number of the area’s traditional summertime events. … Read More


What’s Up Doc column: COVID-19 June 2020: Recap and next steps

Columns share an author’s personal perspective.*****It is the beginning of June 2020, and there have already been over 106,000 deaths in the U.S., accounting for over 25% of the 370,000 deaths worldwide, despite the fact that the U.S. has just over 4% of the world’s population. Compare this to the combined totals of Australia, Japan,… … Read More


Take a break: As COVID-19 throws wrench into vacation plans, achieve travel’s health benefits at home

Since marrying in 2002, Doug Behan and Lise Deguire have gone on safari in Tanzania, watched the sunset over the Santorini caldera in the Greek Islands and walked through the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. And those are just a few of their annual excursions. “It’s on my bucket list that I want to… … Read More


Mom with COVID-19 delivers twins as husband faced death: ‘Let me live’

The twins were coming.Jennifer Laubach was battling COVID-19 symptoms the day her water broke. So was her husband, who raced upstairs to pack his wife’s hospital bag, worried as she wasn’t due for another eight weeks.But when he returned with the bag, the […] … Read More