Americans are ‘craving comfort food’ during coronavirus: Cereal, snacks, baked goods fly off shelves

Let’s just call this a judgment-free zone until further notice.Americans are indulging in comfort food as the coronavirus pandemic keeps them cooped up, eating sugary cereal, junk food, frozen pizza and other maybe-not-so-healthy items to help get them through the pandemic.The trend represents a stark reversal from the national gravitation toward more natural foods in… … Read More


Many Americans don’t have $400 for emergencies, but here are 6 ways to save that amount in a month

It’s important to have money set aside for emergencies, yet four in 10 Americans say they’d struggle to come up with $400 in a pinch, according to the Federal Reserve’s annual check-in on Americans’ financial health. Without a cash cushion, those strapped consumers are likely to end up in more financial trouble when they encounter a financial… … Read More