Ask Pastor Adrienne column: We won’t die in the rapture?

*****Q: I’m studying end-time stuff at my church. Will Christ-followers experience death when the rapture comes?A: You’ve asked a question we’ve all pondered a time or two. The rapture, as the Christian Church widely understands it, will occur in such a way that people who are alive will not experience death in the normal sense.For… … Read More


Ask Pastor Adrienne column: Glory of God, please come down

*****Q: I’m studying something known as the “glory of God.” What do you know about it?A: We often associate the glory of God with the way Catholic and Anglican art has presented it to us: a golden halo surrounding spiritually special people. But that idea is only one tiny expression of it. To some, God’s… … Read More


Ask Pastor Adrienne column: How can Jesus judge me while saving me?

*****Dear Pastor,I see references in scripture to Christ as both judge and mediator of our eternal disposition. How can He be both? A: Thank you for asking such an informed question! I’ve been writing about this recently yet welcome the opportunity to dive deeper into this important topic. In our world today, it is vital… … Read More


Ask Pastor Adrienne column: I want my life to be over

*****Dear Pastor,At age 66, I’m healthy, I love my life and I have been blessed beyond measure. But I’m tired of waiting to go to heaven. I’d like to go now. Is this wrong?A: It makes more sense than you realize, and no, it’s not wrong. The Apostle Paul also wished for his heavenly home;… … Read More


Ask Pastor Adrienne column: How is your spiritual vision?

Dear Pastor,Some people claim to see the Holy Spirit. You’ve claimed this, too. How can that be?A: Over the years there have been many comments about my statements regarding the Holy Ghost. I never tire of writing about him! When I first met someone who claimed to see the Holy Spirit, I was skeptical. I… … Read More


Ask Pastor Adrienne column: The national rage of racism

Dear Pastor,What does destruction, looting and “occupying” have to do with racial problems? It’s terrible to see such evil.A: Yes it is. Just as there are always bad apples who spoil the bushel, demon spirits of destruction, looting, lawlessness and murder have mixed themselves into this important moment in American history. Our citizens and our… … Read More


Ask Pastor Adrienne column: The dead rising

Dear Pastor,I know that the people dead in Christ will be called up first. When will the other dead people rise?A: The topic of death is on our minds lately. I’ve received numerous questions about Judgment Day and “the end” as we’ve tragically watched a global virus destroy our loved ones, friends and fellow citizens.… … Read More


Ask Pastor Adrienne column: Trinity or not: saved either way?

Dear Pastor,Some people don’t believe in the Trinity, but embrace Christ. What does God do with that?A: He grieves. There is no part of our triune God we aren’t meant to experience and enjoy here on earth. The idea of a three-part-godhead is complex and beyond human understanding, so we will spend the rest of… … Read More

Ask Pastor Adrienne column: How can you be critical of COVID-fear?

Dear Pastor,Some of your recent articles criticize people who fear the deadly COVID-19 virus. Is that fair or even wise?A: I always appreciate a chance to respond to my readers and clarify a point. I’ll admit I may have seemed insensitive to folks with pre-existing health concerns or the senior population, who happen to be… … Read More


Ask Pastor Adrienne column: Memorial Day message

Dear Pastor,Memorial Day is a time of reflection. Do you think we’re getting the message?A: Your question is mysterious and open-ended. Getting the message about what? About Memorial Day? About God? About death? Thank you for reminding us about an important day that is in danger, like so many, of being overlooked and under-emphasized due… … Read More